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Current News - Oct 29, 2019


The excitement is mounting as the new harvest is quickly approaching and the holidays are right around the corner. At this point in time, a handful of the roasters we work with have already used all of the coffee they purchased from the previous crop. Many who purchased multiple lots with us are getting into their final offering. There might be a few stragglers who are yet to put out the coffee. Meanwhile, after farmers have been pampering their plantations for upwards of 6 months they are elated to reap the rewards of an expectedly, overall larger harvest. We as Selva are doing our best to give back to and guide farmers as well as fetch them the right relationships.

Throughout our farm visits we are noticing quite a bit of “deformed” cherries on the trees which our producing partners have almost all attributed to sporadic rains shortly after the last harvest; which affected the flowering and formation of the buds. This leads us to believe that the first initial picking of the harvest will be key in order to keep the farm clean and make sure that bad coffee doesn’t get into the good stuff. This first picking or cleaning of the plantations is called “la granea” here in Costa Rica. Unfortunately, executing a good “granea” is becoming less and less lucrative for farmers in the region; but because we work with specialty coffee farmers nearly all of them continue to practice this due to the premiums they are able to receive on their coffees. The first reason is that many wet mills and cooperatives are no longer accepting this quality of coffee, especially if they know that the farmer already has their own wet mill. Secondly, the price of these qualities are so low that the cost to harvest them separately no longer makes sense. This is mainly due to the larger, national roasters now being able to import all sorts of qualities from other countries like Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras for cheaper. We find the best use of this quality of coffee is for the farmers to find a way to roast, package, and sell themselves directly to consumers in the national market. Regardless of if farmers are confronting issues with “la granea” or not, people in low to medium altitudes are already beginning to pick a bit of coffee and some regions, like Turrialba and Brunca, are even nearing peak of harvest.


We have been keeping in close contact with roasters and producers. Many of our partners are reporting great feedback on the coffees. Whether it’s succeeding in a competition, festival, or at the coffee bar it is so nice to hear the results. For example, Java Central served our coffee as a big hit at Cincinnati Coffee Festival, Old Soul and Tinker who won Golden Bean awards with our coffee and Augies who also did extremely well with other coffees at Golden Bean. Old Soul and Tinker have also submitted coffees we worked on together to the Good Food Awards. Best of luck, y’all! Additionally, a couple of our purchasing partners have already coordinated their visits with us for the upcoming harvest. Our schedule will be filling up shortly! In the meantime, we are beginning to draw up contracts with current purchasing partners that are very familiar with the producers and coffees that they enjoy every time. This ensures that the roaster gets the coffee they want, the farmer has security in selling their coffee, and we are able to help finance producers during the harvest when they need it most. Expect to see more about our purchasing partners in future newsletters!

A couple of weeks ago we hosted an event for producers in Santa Maria de Dota. We covered a few topics including varieties, fermentation, financing, and roaster feedback. It made us so proud to have created another beneficial gathering for farmers. We are definitely motivated to continue organizing meaningful events for our partners. While we are doing our part in giving back to our suppliers a wave of experimental coffee samples have come in. We will be cupping these trials alongside farmers and sharing them with their current purchasing partners in order to see if we can help them move more coffee.  In the meantime we are getting ready for the new harvest. Working on new bag markings, acquiring important tools, meeting with dry mills to try and improve quality, and doing our best to build on our experiences from last year, and trying to get our solid relationships committed to before hand.

About Us

Green coffee trading is a jungle and we are here to guide you through it. Our mission is to enrich the sale and purchase of coffee for roasters, producers, and importers. We lead both buyers and farmers through the process of trading; which can often feel like a thick forest to get through.

We operate on FOB terms as well as offering “back-to-back” services through our importer/broker partners around the globe. We focus on sourcing the coffees our clients are after and delivering the highest standard of service. We ensure quality control via our on-site cupping lab in Costa Rica.

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El Llano de La Piedra
San Marcos de Tarrazu, San Jose

Costa Rica

+506-8407-9994 — Perry

+506-8356-8094 — Marianela


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Marianela Montero

Assists coffee farmers in Costa Rica find the perfect buyer. Marianela works closely with producers to make sure that her purchasing clients are happy year in and year out. She communicates seamlessly to her exporting, importing, producing, and purchasing partners.

Marianela comes from a producing family in the region of Tarrazu. Growing up around coffee production, she always had the initiative to help those around her thrive at what they are passionate about. Sharing her years of trading experience, she is able to feel fulfilled when being able to fetch the reward that a farmer has earned.

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Perry Czopp

Helps coffee buyers find the perfect Costa Rica product. Perry works directly with farmers and aids in their quality control throughout the year, He also coordinates logistics to ensure coffee gets sent and received wthout a hitch.

Perry had been a barista and roaster in Phoenix, AZ for many years before competing with a Costa Rican Coffee. After first visiting and later living in Costa Rica; he decided to meld his new surroundings with his old background and create a coffee trading company to bridge the two. Together with his partner, Marianela, he takes pride in playing a valuable role in the coffee supply chain.


Kevin Joanisse

It’s going to be Kevin’s second year with us and we can’t wait; because not only does he bring a ton to the table but we have also become very close friends in the process. He speaks next level Spanish and he loves people and coffee and has gotten to know our producing partners profoundly. This year we are proud to be promoting him to Lab Manager after the excellent performance he displayed last harvest.

Kevin is extremely likable and his background is in the hospitality industry. He is wild about crafting beverages and we need more of that around the cupping lab! He is a seasonal and nomadic personality and has traveled to countless coffee producing countries. By spending lots of time in Latin America he found a passion for coffee after having visited multiple coffee farms. If ever lost during a farm visit; look towards the nearest waterfall or river. He’s probably in it.