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Source with us 2020 - Trip: Feb

We will be inviting our roasting and buying partners to join us in pursuing the most unique coffees Costa Rica has to offer this year. Late February is the perfect time to dive in as many offer samples are ready to cup and there is still going to be the last bit of harvest action to witness.

Expect to visit a handful of special farms in the two most prestigious growing regions, West Valley and Tarrazu. There will be plenty of cupping of this year’s fresh harvest in order to make wise decisions when deciding to purchase a coffee. We want to focus on creating/building rapport between roasters and producers. We believe we can achieve this by sharing each of our knowledge and trying to educate everyone involved in our process specifically those participating in this experience.

Take part in the micro-mill revolution and get in touch for details right now! |

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Day 1 |

8:00am meet up in San Jose

Two farm/wet mill visits in West Valley

Travel to Tarrazu and spend the night

Day 2 |


Two farm/wet mill visits in Tarrazu

Day 3 |


Travel back towards Cartago

Farm/wet mill visit

Dry mill visit

Return to San Jose by 6pm

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Current News - February 8, 2019

Overall this year’s harvest will be very low in production. Our farming partners are saying it’s the lowest producing harvest in the past decade. Some of our farmers are communicating to us that they are expecting half of their production from the year before. Due to various reasons, but also because the low bearing of fruit; this harvest cycle will come and go rapidly. This year’s harvest began in mid Dec/early January and is expected to last until early March.

This translates into a couple of key things throughout trading practices. First, we are expecting quality to be high because low volume lends to more attention to detail whether it be during picking, processing, or/and lot building. When farmers have low volumes, they need to be firm on their prices in order to make their farms profitable. We do not expect prices to go lower than the previous year, but will do our best to keep them similar, justifiable, and competitive within the CR market. With prices the way they are structured, low volume, and high scores we strongly believe that coffees will sell out quickly and that everyone will come out of this year’s harvest very happy.

Our lab, located near the entrance of La Zona de Los Santos, will be collecting and selecting offer samples from farmers this month. We act as a filter for our clients at origin, saving them time and gaining accuracy in their sourcing. After being specially selected for our clients; we send out samples to be evaluated and committed to.

Happy hunting this season and hoping to be of service to you!

About Us

Green coffee trading is a jungle and we are here to guide you through it. Our mission is to enrich the sale and purchase of coffee for roasters, producers, and importers. We lead both buyers and farmers through the process of trading; which can often feel like a thick forest to get through.

We operate on FOB terms as well as offering “back-to-back” services through our importer/broker partners around the globe. We focus on sourcing the coffees our clients are after and delivering the highest standard of service. We ensure quality control via our on-site cupping lab in Costa Rica.

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Our Office

El Llano de La Piedra
San Marcos de Tarrazu, San Jose

Costa Rica

+506-8407-9994 — Perry

+506-8356-8094 — Marianela


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Marianela Montero

Assists coffee farmers in Costa Rica find the perfect buyer. Marianela works closely with producers to make sure that her purchasing clients are happy year in and year out. She communicates seamlessly to her exporting, importing, producing, and purchasing partners.

Marianela comes from a producing family in the region of Tarrazu. Growing up around coffee production, she always had the initiative to help those around her thrive at what they are passionate about. Sharing her years of trading experience, she is able to feel fulfilled when being able to fetch the reward that a farmer has earned.

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Perry Czopp

Helps coffee buyers find the perfect Costa Rica product. Perry works directly with farmers and aids in their quality control throughout the year, He also coordinates logistics to ensure coffee gets sent and received wthout a hitch.

Perry had been a barista and roaster in Phoenix, AZ for many years before competing with a Costa Rican Coffee. After first visiting and later living in Costa Rica; he decided to meld his new surroundings with his old background and create a coffee trading company to bridge the two. Together with his partner, Marianela, he takes pride in playing a valuable role in the coffee supply chain.