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Current News - Sept 27, 2019

There is never really a lul in our yearly schedule, but if there was one, it would be right about now. After last season all of our coffees have arrived to their respective roasteries safe and sound, our partners are serving them, we are collecting their feedback to relay to producers, and farmers are planning with us towards the next harvest. While it may appear that we can do nothing more than patiently wait for the coming crop, we are still working away--continuing to mold our coffee chain structure. Our best tool is excellent communication and a deep understanding of each step in the chain in order to keep everything running efficiently.

So, for the past couple of months we have been visiting farmers nearly every day of the week. We observe their plantations, ask about their practices, learn about their struggles, and give any guidance we are able to. At this point, most of our producing partners have already fertilized two or three times, applied various disease controlling practices, and rejuvenated their farm by pruning and/or planting new trees. Currently, they are continuing to maintain/care for their plantations and are beginning to revise their wet mills. Meanwhile, it is also our chance to be promoting Selva to new partners which we believe share our trading values. This includes tons of research, emails, phone calls, and lengthy discussions about what is happening in coffee in Costa Rica and how Selva contributes to its success. Looking ahead, Costa Rica is expecting about a 12% increase in production this harvest and although it has been an unordinarily dry year the rain has finally arrived in heavy falls. The additional expected coffee will be needing a home! 

Believe it or not, we keep encountering farmers that were not able to sell some of their coffee during the trading season of this most recent harvest (which was a historically low crop btw). For us, it’s unsettling to hear since it’s extremely difficult to move coffee in the second half of the year. There are nearly no shipments of coffee leaving Costa Rica during this period, most of our purchasing partners have their coffees booked for the year, and normal prices are almost impossible to find. In order to try and support producers which find themselves in this situation Selva is launching the “Surplus Initiative”. We will be looking for a partner or group of partners that will be able to take on at least 100 bags in the second part of the year. If this interests you, please let us know!

About Us

Green coffee trading is a jungle and we are here to guide you through it. Our mission is to enrich the sale and purchase of coffee for roasters, producers, and importers. We lead both buyers and farmers through the process of trading; which can often feel like a thick forest to get through.

We operate on FOB terms as well as offering “back-to-back” services through our importer/broker partners around the globe. We focus on sourcing the coffees our clients are after and delivering the highest standard of service. We ensure quality control via our on-site cupping lab in Costa Rica.

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Our Office

El Llano de La Piedra
San Marcos de Tarrazu, San Jose

Costa Rica

+506-8407-9994 — Perry

+506-8356-8094 — Marianela


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Marianela Montero

Assists coffee farmers in Costa Rica find the perfect buyer. Marianela works closely with producers to make sure that her purchasing clients are happy year in and year out. She communicates seamlessly to her exporting, importing, producing, and purchasing partners.

Marianela comes from a producing family in the region of Tarrazu. Growing up around coffee production, she always had the initiative to help those around her thrive at what they are passionate about. Sharing her years of trading experience, she is able to feel fulfilled when being able to fetch the reward that a farmer has earned.

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Perry Czopp

Helps coffee buyers find the perfect Costa Rica product. Perry works directly with farmers and aids in their quality control throughout the year, He also coordinates logistics to ensure coffee gets sent and received wthout a hitch.

Perry had been a barista and roaster in Phoenix, AZ for many years before competing with a Costa Rican Coffee. After first visiting and later living in Costa Rica; he decided to meld his new surroundings with his old background and create a coffee trading company to bridge the two. Together with his partner, Marianela, he takes pride in playing a valuable role in the coffee supply chain.


Kevin Joanisse

It’s going to be Kevin’s second year with us and we can’t wait; because not only does he bring a ton to the table but we have also become very close friends in the process. He speaks next level Spanish and he loves people and coffee and has gotten to know our producing partners profoundly. This year we are proud to be promoting him to Lab Manager after the excellent performance he displayed last harvest.

Kevin is extremely likable and his background is in the hospitality industry. He is wild about crafting beverages and we need more of that around the cupping lab! He is a seasonal and nomadic personality and has traveled to countless coffee producing countries. By spending lots of time in Latin America he found a passion for coffee after having visited multiple coffee farms. If ever lost during a farm visit; look towards the nearest waterfall or river. He’s probably in it.